About Us

Urdelar.se is a small family business run by two brothers, which I, as a watchmaker with my brother who is a programmer has developed an online store for new and used parts for all makes. There will also be tools and accessories.

We have years of experience in the industry and a large stock of new spare parts for almost any brand, mainly for mechanical watches, but also a lot of newer and quartz movements. Through our extensive network of contacts we load the layer current. This complements our in used spare parts that are carefully controlled by the watchmaker and functionally equivalent to new parts.

Since prices for new parts constantly increased in recent years, it is smart, economically, and not the least environmentally friendly to use used parts since many parts are virtually indestructible, such as a ratchet wheel.

The store serves two purposes, that you who are working with watches professionally or as a hobby easily can find the right spare part, and to provide spare parts for all makes. You've probably often ordered parts you already have as part bears to another caliber. Most manufacturers use the same parts in many different calibers, some parts used in common by different manufacturers and so on.

In our system, we are running out information about were each part really comes from, many times, this information does not exist in any official literature from manufacturers, but have been discovered over the years by me or colleagues. Our system is simple to use, with a smart search feature where you type the make and caliber, and what you need. Another smart path - email or call and ask us, there is a great opportunity that we have what you need or can source it. We work daily to subcontract part of the web site.

We hope you will benefit from our online shop and look forward to hearing from you, either by ordering goods or with comments, questions or tips.

Mikael & Anders Wihlborg

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